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vevalio B2B Sales Services

Focus on b2b sales

 Increase Your Revenues:

Our goal is to increase your revenues. To achieve this, we dedicate a sales force, sales services and sales support to your B2B products and services.


Fast Results:

Benefit instantly from the experiance and existing infrastructiore of vevalio.


Our Offer

You decide what we do for you

Lead Generation, Negotiations, or Build a Sales Organization,

You decide what we do for you.



Qualify Leads

We compile lead lists and qualify interest of potential customers over the phone.

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Schedule Appointments

Telephone sales to generate test, presentations and customer appointments.

Online Presentations

Online presentations and follow-ups to increase customer awareness and generate requests for proposals.


Customer consultation and telesales to generate orders for you.

Face to Face Appointments

Face to face sales appointments and presentations with customers to negotate and close deals.

Back Office and Support

Write, coordinate, and follow-up poposals, tests and appointments.

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Our Clients

vevalio takes on sales tasks for B2B products and services in Europe for...





Companies aiming for and experiencing rapid growth use vevalio to rapidly capitalize on market opportunities.


Start-ups which do not yet have their own efficient sales organization use vevalio to:
1. Gain market insights before launching products and services
2. Bring developed products and services to market as rapidly as possible.





Successful companies fear complacency for good reasons. This is why they hire vevalio to generate new ideas about how to continuosly grow sales revenues. How do you feel about benchmarking?  

Companies from foreign countries prefer working with vevalio to rapidly gain a foot hold in Europe. Relying in vevalios existing structures and organization is preferable to being alone, starting from scratch in a foreign culture.